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Hi Boys and Girls!!!

This is a special place just for you! Click on the links below to play some fun games or search some really cool sites with your family. Remember to always be safe and surf the web with an adult. Lots of ABC practice, books, math, and much more! 

ABC YA: Practice math and reading skills all while playing fun games.

Highlights Kids: Read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments! A student-friendly site bursting with language activities that include your child’s favorite PBS characters. Educational animated videos on a variety of topics

Funschool: Tons of games in all subject areas with lots of different levels too.

seussville.comJourney through the University of Dr. Seuss, exploring reading, reasoning, science and math.

funbrain.comA site devoted to games with a special emphasis on math and reading. There is a special place for parents to visit and learn more as well. Learn about art, music, reading and so much more.

Game Goo:  Learning that sticks brought to you by earobics.

Scootpad: The ultimate way to master math and reading skills. Self-paced and personalized practice keeps kids engaged and challenged.

abcmouse.comThe Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 450 lessons in six levels covering all subjects.
            Language Arts/Reading

Letter Recognition

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Letter match activity: Drag the words to the box that begins with the same letter. Directions and words are read to the you.

Alphabet Action: Click on a letter to hear it's name and see a picture.

Spring Bee: This little bee will help you review your ABC's.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letters: Match upper and lowercase letters.

ABC Order: Find the letter that is missing.

Sound Recognition

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Sound Match: Drag the pictures that begin with a designated sound to the box. Directions and pictures are read to you.

Digby Moles Word Game: Click on the word with the correct sound.

Matching letters: Help Leo find the matching letters and sounds.


2bee or nottobee: Read the sentence and select the correct verb. This is a challenging game!!!

Working With Words

Drag and Drop Game: Drag the pictures to the correct word box. 

Clifford's Make a Word: Insert vowels into CVC words to make real words.

Color Word Recognition: Memory Game.

Three Letter WordsMore Three Letter Words-Four Letter Words: Match the pictures to the words.

Spelling City: Great practice with spelling words.


Golden Books: Titles include, "Where Do Kisses Come From?", "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", "Dancing Dinos", and "Cat on the Mat"

Into the Book: Go "into the book" to play games that practice reading strategies.

Storyline Online: Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars!

Lil' Fingers: Titles include, "Who's At The Zoo", "My Mommy", "ABC Mommy and Me", "Making Faces", "Up in the Sky", "Draw me Shapes", and "Bears in Bed"

Primary Storybooks: Titles include, "A to Z", "Sammy's Shapes", and "Dottie's Garden"

Mighty Books: Several titles that are read out loud books.

coolmath: Fun and cool math games for all ages.

ixl.comA math practice site to help improve your skills, and confidence to meet grade level expectations.

coolmath4kids.comAn amusement park of math and more designed for you.

Rats! Catch the shapes: Use the arrow keys to move the mouse to catch the specific shape.

Shapes-put it on the shelf: Match the shapes to the outline.

Pattern Mania: Look at the pattern and decide what comes next. Click on a picture to complete the pattern.

The Number Game: Read the number word and pick the number that matches. 10 questions.

Rats! Catch that number: Use the arrow keys to move the mouse and catch the specific number.

Number Word Recognition: The learner will matchthe number words with their corresponding numeral.

123 Order: Which number is missing?

Put it on the shelf: Match the numerals with their corresponding number word.

Count Chickens: Count the chickens.

Balloon pop math:  Count the objects inside the balloons and pop them in order from least to greatest.

Count 1-10:  Count the number of ducks then pick the correct number.

Balloon pop math:  Count the balloons by popping them in order 1-20.

Balloon pop math: Pop the balloons in order, from the smallest to the largest.

Squiggly Apples: Squigly is hiding in one of the apples. Click the ordinal number that tells the order of Swuigly's apple.

Ordinal Numbers: Look at the cats in a line. Decide the position of the orange cat. Click on the correct ordinal number.

Billy Bear: Count the objects in the addition problem and click on the correct answer.

Add em up: Add the numbers and click the correct answer.

Tic tac toe: Practice your addition and subtraction fact while playing a favorite game.

Take it away!: Subtract the numbers and click on the correct answer.

Spending Spree: Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item.

US mint for kids: Identification of coins, design your own coin, learn interesting facts and more.

What time is it?: Put the clocks in order by time.

Dynomo's Clockwise: Click on the clock face until it is the right time.

Dynamo's Matching Time: Memory game with 3 different levels of play. Level 1-match calendar words. Level 2-match digital clocks. Level 3-really hard for a kindergartener!

Pizza Party: Uses pizza to practice fractions.

                              Science/Social Studies  Classroom magazine and activities!

Nat Geo for kids: Learn all about geography and fascinating animals.

Sitcheroo Zoo: Watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals!

National Wildlife Federation: Learn about the animals and nature around them.

kids.discovery.comA great site that integrates reading with science, explore and enjoy.

Spring Games: Includes matching, word search, and slide puzzle.

Fall Games: Includes matching and a word search.

Winter Games: Includes matching, a word search, and build a snowman.

Community Club: Words to short books about Community Helpers are read to the child.

                                    Visual Discrimination 

Rats! Catch the colors: Use the arrow keys to move the mouse and catch the specific color.

Hatch and Match: Hatch an egg and see if you can match it with it's pair.

What Doesn't Belong?: Click on anything that is wrong in the picture.

Crayola Match: Memory game.
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