Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fun Fall Activities

Wow...this year is flying by! We've been having so much fun in the classroom working on all our fun fall activities. I'm so glad I finally found some time to share them.  
We painted pumpkins and wrote a
sentence describing
our pumpkins.
This was our pumpkin glyph.

 We decorated our bulletin boards outside our classroom with our scarecrows and tissue paper leaves The poem on the tissue paper leaves was a fantastic pinterest find! We lined the wall with our "fall is" pictures. Students cut out the tree and sun, then glued on ripped orange, brown, yellow, and red construction paper for the leaves. They had to complete the sentence fall is...which I typed and cut out in the shape of a cloud.
Fall is...when the leaves start changing colors and falling off.
We had to show our class tree changing with the seasons as well. We finger painted with fall colors to make leaves which we added to the tree and ground below.
 We tried the Autumn Blend Candy Corn and graphed which one we liked best. Students also made a big candy corn and wrote about it ...I like the __ candy corn.
 Of course we did a study on bats. We did a step-by-step bat drawing. They added a moon to show their bats flying in the night then had to write a bat fact.
 One of my favorite books to read this time of year is Stellaluna. Click here for a copy of the beginning, middle, end paper.

We also did a unit on spiders. Kids created a spider which they had to add a spider fact to. The kids marble painted spider webs with white paint on black paper. Then they created 1, 2, or 3 purple thumbprint spiders. They completed the sentence __ see ___purple spiders.

Spiders can bite people.

As it got closer to Halloween we made some footprint ghosts and some Frankenstein Monsters. 

We also did a pumpkin investigation of the outside of a pumpkin. Then of course we scooped out the inside and carved a face into it. 
 Our Halloween was filled with lots of exciting centers. We made ghosts (bananas and chocolate icing), spiders (Oreo, black licorice, icing, and skittles), and boogers on a stick (pretzel sticks and green cheeze wiz).  Another fun center was pin the stem on the pumpkin.

All of the other pictures have students faces so I don't want to post them. I can tell you that we had number bingo, sight word bingo, ghost drop, roll and count spider legs, Halloween patterns, Halloween circle map, Halloween write the room, planting pumpkin seeds, Halloween card making, alphabet dot-to-dot, more/less/same Halloween pictures game, Halloween book and bones bingo song. Pin It


  1. Cute activities. That is the Pumpkin Investigation sheet I created. Glad you could use it. My kids love doing that activity.

  2. I had a similar one that I had been using, but yours was much cuter. I'm so glad you created it! I couldn't remember where I found it, if it was a blog or a pinterest I can give credit!!! Will you comment with a link to your blog? Thanks :)

  3. Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing so many pictures of them. You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Heather...I just checked out your school info link and discovered you teach at South Daytona Elementary. I am at Osceola Elementary in Ormond Beach. It is nice to meet one of my local bloggers.

  5. It IS nice to meet a local blogger. You don't find to many of them! I was happy just meeting some in the same state. Thanks for following me...I'm heading to your page so I can follow you too! :)

  6. Heather, thanks for following me. As you can see, I am new to all this blogging stuff but very interested. I love sharing and finding new ideas to use in the classroom, so thanks for sharing what you are doing.

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  8. I love all your great ideas. I'd love to see what you did for Christmas! I just nominated your blog for an award. Come on over to my blog and "pick it up"!
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