Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rainbows and Pots of Gold

I can't believe the last thing I talked about was winter! After looking at the pictures I had taken throughout the year, I decided going back that far was too much. So, I decided to start with spring instead. Of course this begins with St. Patrick's Day! During this unit we talk a lot about rainbows, colors, and color mixing.

I found this rainbow hands idea from Artzy Creations. It was such a great pinterest find! I was lucky enough

to have a wonderful parent volunteer help with this project. It took us a couple tries to figure out the best and fastest way to do it, but eventually she got all 18 students hands painted with the 6 different colors of the rainbow. They created clouds with cotton balls at the ends of it. I also added this cute poem to the rainbow...I always have to add some other academic element to a craft so my students get the most out of it! Here is a link to the document if you would like to use it. 

Another pinterest find came from Mrs. Plant's Press. Check out her St. Patrick's Day ideas here. The kids made torn paper rainbows. They cut out the pot and gold and glued it all together. After they had to finish the  sentence...If I found a pot of gold I would... Some of the kids got very creative with this. I also couldn't believe how many said they would share it or give it to their parents! So sweet. :)
If I found a pot of gold I would...grab it. Colton
If I found a pot of gold I would...hide it in the closet. Savannah

A very simple craft that we did was painting a rainbow with water colors. Once the students finished painting they colored the sky with blue crayon and added the mixed up sentence they had been working on...I see the pretty rainbow.

We did many other projects with four leaf clovers and leprechauns, but I forgot to take pictures of those so I guess they can wait till next year. By then who knows what other fantastic creations I might have added to the unit!
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