Saturday, October 8, 2011

Math time-Calendar

This is our calendar board. Our daily schedule is from Mrs. Carroll over at The First Grade Parade. Above our schedule is our learning targets. Our team has decided to use weekly targets with our math topic, letter, sight word, and science topics for that week. We go over this daily first thing in the morning. We use Brownie Points as a class incentive for doing good deeds. The class can earn them by showing respect, listening, and following directions.10 brownie points gets the mystery prize under the question mark. Next is our calendar and weather chart.

This year I started using a calendar journal everyday (a wonderful blog find). I'm loving my calendar time now so thank you to all of those new blogging friends! Our start in September was a little rocky, but by now the kids can do it without me and it's great.

Here's what it looks like:
The students each have their own 3 pronged pocket folder. Inside is a calendar, weather graph, days in school, tally chart, zero the hero, birthday chart, and tooth chart. Most of these will stay for each month, but  I will add or change pages out so that it doesn't start to get boring. For instance, I just added a days of the week paper with the October calendar. To make this time more exciting I also loaded the pages into an ActivInspire flip chart. While I'm demonstrating on the board the students are working in their folders. Here are some pictures of us working in our Calendar Folders...
Active Inspire Chart
Filling in the calendar

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Each week I have a weather person who tells us the weather and reads the sentence. The class will then graph it in their calendar folder. At the end of the month we go over the data.

Here is how we do our days in school. We add a straw for the day, count the straws, then the calendar person writes the number and puts up the correct number word. I got that sheet from What The Teacher Wants. She has an amazing post about her calendar time that you should check out.  The class then writes the number in their book and adds a tally mark for that day on the tally chart.
We also color Zero the Hero on the days that end with 0. I LOVE Zero the Hero days...check out my post dedicated to him!
When we have a birthday, students add the name to our birthday chart. They can copy the board if they don't know how to write the name.
The last thing we have is our tooth tally chart. Every time someone looses a tooth we add a tally mark for that month. We also have a chart in the room so we add the students name to that chart.

If your interested in any of the documents above or are interested in starting your own calendar folder here are some links to those blogs that introduced it to me...
Many came from Kathleen over at Growing Kinders. Here is a link to her most recent post about her calendar folder. She also blogged about it here in March. 
Another great blog about them was from Stephanie over at Aloha Kindergarten.
My folder cover and calendar pages came from Ms. Gonzalez's Classroom Website.
The weather and tally pages came from Heidisongs. She also offers some literacy printables that can go into your calendar folder.
Shari Sloane has a site with some great printables too including the zero the hero page.

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  1. Can you share your weather, birthday and tooth charts? They are so cute!


  2. Since I'm still learning about copyright and all that stuff, I'm going to do some research and find out which blogs had which items. I'll add them to the post when I do.

  3. thanks! WOuld love to use them.

  4. Just updated it with links to all the pages! Enjoy =)

  5. I LOVE the weather chart. I too follow growing kinders and started in March w/ her! My kids were connected!! LOVE IT!

    I have a weather chart but I like yours better ,if you wouldnt mind sharing!!

    Sarah Hetrick

  6. I really like your tally mark sheet. Would you be willing to post it??