Friday, September 30, 2011

Open House

Open house was a huge success this year! I was so excited to have 16 out of my 18 students show up for this very important night!!! Here are some new pictures of our classroom with all our work on display. The kids were so excited to show all of the parents their hard work over the first couple of weeks. :)

I found this idea off of Pinterest and loved it!   We read this cute rhyming story to go with it.

We talked about all the different colors and about how fun it would be if we could paint ourselves. We then traced our arms and hands and painted them. When the paint was dry we adding lines and shapes to it. Once the poster was complete it turned into a helping hands lesson and we talked about why we should help each other and about working together.

Over in our writing center we graphed which hand we right with. I do this every year and every year the kids are amazed at how many kids write with their right hands. Of course after this lesson they all try the other hand to see how hard it really is!


Our self-portraits are one of my favorite activities. While looking in a mirror, each child drew the picture first  and then they painted it. The speech bubble contains the answer to the question...What do you like about Kindergarten?

This was our very first homework assignment. Students took the leaves home and decorated them with personal pictures, magazine clippings, or drawings of their favorite things. We shared them and then put them up on our family tree. This tree stays up all year and changes with the seasons. Stay tuned for more pictures of it!

Our second homework assignment was our me dolls. Students brought home a "me doll" template with the goal to decorate it in order to tell us a little bit more about them. They are always so cute and really show each students personality!
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