Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gingerbread Man

Our week spent on The Gingerbread Man...went on a hunt around the school looking for him and found him on our playground where we got to eat him like the fox did. Other places we visited were the library, office, cafeteria, special areas, nurse, guidance counsler office, and the principals office.

This was our gingerbread man board with the crafts we made this week.

Our gingerbread man glyphs tell us a little bit more about ourselves. 

You can download the glyph key here.

Our writing project included finding a magazine picture they wanted their decorated gingerbread person to run away from. They came up with some creative ideas...

We also read as many different versions as I could find, compared and contrasted them, then they got to pick their favorite one and we made it into a class graph to see which book won.

***For those with idevices...we also played on an app with the gingerbread man. Check it out in the app store here. They get to make it then decorate it...and of course eat it when they're done!

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